A complete guide on What is fasting?what are the types of fasting??

What is Intermittent Fasting? What Are The Types of Fasting?

In this post i am going to explain you about what does it actually mean by fasting. Intermittent Fasting details. And what are the different types of fastings. Based on the time of fasting, And what food you eat during fasting. then what precautions you should take while doing fasting.


What comes to your mind whenever you hear this, well simply you think fasting means not to eat anything right. Yes you are right but partially. I said partially because it’s not that simple. So in order to get maximum results out of it you need to perform it skillfully.

from our ancient times peoples are doing fasting from religious as well as health perspective. In almost every religion fasting is performed for worshiping gods. So basically “fasting means it’s an art to eat food in a certain time frameAnd there are various types of fastings present based on the time of eating and what types of food you are eating.

At this moment you must be wondering, Really is there a pattern or time of eating?? I will say yes so let’s talk about the types of fasting and their meanings.

Types Of Fastings Based On The Time Frame:-

1) Intermittent fasting
2) One meal a day fasting
3) Prolonged Fasting

Types Of Fastings Based On What You Eat:-

1) Water Fasting
2) Dry Fasting

So I hope until now you must have got some basic information, About what is fasting and the various types of it. Now I will try to elaborate each one of them in detail.

Intermittent Fasting:-

This is the basic type of fasting when you are new to this process of fasting. In this you have to set a time window, only in which you can have your food.

Let’s understand it by an example, Suppose you had your last meal on 7 PM yesterday. And you have set a time window of eating to 8 hours means from 7 PM yesterday to 11 AM today, You are not supposed to eat anything.

This is also called as 16/8 fasting in which you have to fast continuously for 16 hours and then you can break your fast and have your meals in time frame of 8 hours.

When I say not supposed to eat anything means you are not allowed to consume any calories so as to remain in fasting zone otherwise you will be out of fasting zone and then if you continue your fasting means you are not in fasting mode but eventually you will end up in starvation mode.so if you are thinking about having a cup of tea or coffee when you wake up then please just stop.

Now you might be thinking how can I stay without food for 16 hours..Right?
So, I have a suggestion for you if you have never done any kind of fasting. Then you can start with as low as 12 hours of time window means 12/12 pattern. Where you can have your food after fasting for 12 hours and have you meals in next 12 hours. Once you are able to maintain this time period. You can gradually reduce your time window of eating to as low as 4 hours.

One Meal A Day Fasting:-

Once you master an art of intermittent fasting, Then this one is little tougher than that, in this type of fasting you have to take all your calories for entire day in only one meal.

Yeah,you heard that right.The purpose of having only one meal whichever it is. Like lunch to lunch or Dinner to Dinner is that, You will have a feel good feeling after you eat your food. And after eating all the food you like you end up consuming less calories than your daily maintenance calories. Isn’t it great??

This type of fasting is very great for loosing weight, And at the same time building muscles. Because after 12 hours of fasting HUMAN GROWTH HORMONES starts to release in our body. And if you do exercise In this time frame you will be able to build muscles. Lots of peoples count this fasting as intermittent fasting type.

Prolonged Fasting:-

In this fasting it will completely depend on your self that how much time you can do fasting. This type of fasting will be tougher than previously discussed types.

Normally In this type, Fasting period varies from 24 to 48 hours so it gets tougher and tougher. But one should perform this fasting once in a 3 months period.

It is very beneficial for healing process of our body. Also it helps to cleanse our gut and improves metabolic rate and produce good bacteria in our gut. In this maximum effects of autophagy also stem cells production will be higher, which will help to reduce aging process.

Water Fasting:-

This is the most toughest type of fasting in which you can only have water. and it can be as long as you can sustain it. I mean one can do from 5 days to 30 days water fast.

I will suggest you to do maximum of 5 days water fast because as days pass your blood sugar level starts to drop. and you need to keep on checking your sugar level because it should not come below 40 mg/dL.

Also you should not do heavy exercise in this fasting.if your job requires physical activity. then you either should get leaves form work or not to perform this fast if you can’t get leaves. You will be in ketosis during this fast and you will be able to loose lot of body weight.

Dry Fasting:-

In this type you are not allowed to have anything during your fast not even a sip of water. That is why this is the most difficult type of fasting as i think.

It is recommended that fasting period should not be more than 24 hours. Because if you go beyond that your water level of body will go down drastically.

In this fast, If you want to get most out of it in less time. You should keep yourself away from water in any form. I will suggest you to avoid taking a bath. Because if you keep yourself completely dry, Then your body starts using water stored in it. So you will be able to loose water weight easily.

What You Can Eat And Drink While Fasting ??

So, Now you may be thinking what can I have during my fasting period so I will suggest you to have
1) Water with apple cider vinegar and Himalayan pink salt
2) green tea
3) black coffee without sugar and cream.

And if you want to shred that extra pounds off your body.Then have an apple cider vinegar with a pinch of cinnamon powder, and Himalayan pink salt in a glass of water first thing in the morning. And if you add exercise and good diet plan with this fasting you will get amazing results in weight loss.


  • You should consult with your doctor, If you have any type of diabetes or medical history before doing any kind of fasting listed above.
  • You should eat healthy food when you are in your eating window. And you should not eat junk foods, And also watch out for your calories otherwise you will not get desired results.
  • Breaking your fast is the most important thing, You should have bone broth or fruits which contains lots of water like watermelon.
  • In dry fasting or water fasting keep yourself well hydrated otherwise you may have severe cramps.


All the above listed fasting types are very useful. If you are looking to improve your overall health, anti-aging process, longevity and loose weight if you follow them honestly.

If you have any suggestions or Queries then feel free to cemment, I would really like to hear from you.

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