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Water Fasting: How to do? It’s Benefits,Side Effects,Drinks Allowed.

What it Water Fasting | How to do it | Benefits | Side effects | Precautions | Drinks| How to Break Water Fasting |

What Is Water Fasting?

Usually whenever you hear about water fasting, You think it as a prolonged fasting. Where you need to fast for longer duration of time. Like 3 days or more and can only drink water …. Right??

But If you go as per time frame, Water fasting can be Intermittent fasting (16/8), One Meal a Day fasting or Prolonged Fasting.

If you do any of these fastings with only taking water during fasted zone then it will also be called as water fasting.

Normally if you want to get more benefits out of it. Time period should be at least 24 hours and maximum up to 72 hours. It is not recommended to go beyond that without consulting your doctor.

In this fast you are only allowed to drink water and nothing else. But lots of experiments are done, To improve effectiveness of this fasting.

By adding different drinks in to diet that we will discuss later. So you must have got some idea about water fasting.

How to start Doing Water Fasting?

Though there are numerous benefits of water fasting, One should not jump straight into it hoping they can do it easily. Trust me it is not that simple.

If you are completely new to the world of fasting. Then I will advice you to start with intermittent fasting that to with minimum fasting window. And then gradually increase your fasting window up to 20 hours.

Once you get prominent with intermittent fasting then go ahead for One Meal a Day fasting. Like this you need to get your body Prepared for fasting longer duration of time.

This will take around 1 month time period depending upon how quickly your body gets adapted to this new way of eating.

So now you are ready to start your water fasting. But if it is your first water fasting and you have decided to do it for 3 days. Then do it in observation of your doctor.

Once you have experience of 3 days water fast you can do it on your own from next time onward.

Precautions Before Water Fasting:-

  • Ask yourself why you want to do this fast?

You may stop fasting easily due to social influence. If you don’t have any determination of doing it.

  • You should follow a healthy diet well before starting water fast so as to have your nutritional reserves full.
  • If you are on medications then consult with your doctor as you have to stop taking medicines during fasting.
  • If your work requires physical activity then it is convenient & beneficial if you do it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • You should avoid doing exercises like Running, Lifting heavy weights, HIIT because it will put your body under tremendous stress. Instead of that take a Relaxing walk in nature if you like.
  • Try to avoid Supplements, Vitamins and let your body do it’s work of healing itself.
  • Don’t drink Flavoured water because it will make you hungry instead try to take pure water like distilled water.

Breaking Your Water Fasting:-

Breaking your fast is the most important process to avoid any other problems that may occur.

You should break your fast with very small meal such as Steamed Cruciferous vegetables which are not hard on your gut to start working.

Also Probiotics foods like Yogurt, Kimchi, Kefir, Pickles etc. which helps to improve gut bacteria. You can take Bone Broth also.

   No. of Fasting Days               No. of Post Fasting Days Required
    3 days                            1 day
    5 to 7 days                    2 days
    10 and more                 3 days

You should follow post breaking fasting as per above chart. Then you can start your regular meals gradually.

Benefits of Water Fasting:-

1) At Cellular Level:

It breaks down white blood cells who are very important for our immune system. But this process triggers new stem cells generation which produces new healthy white blood cells. This process is called as Resetting of Immune System.

It also reduces chronic inflammation which reduces the chances of cancer and heart diseases.

2) It improves liver health:-

Liver is very important organ which supports all other organs. It purifies your blood, Removes toxins and harmful waste from your body.
It has Regenerating properties that means It can grow on it’s own even after you have a surgery.
So when you do fasting, Liver gets time for healing, Repairing and Detoxing. Also it removes fat accumulated on it.

3) It helps to improve Fat loss:-

After 12 hours of fasting, Your stored glycogen finishes and you are not eating any sugar or carbohydrates. So your body enters in to the ketosis where it starts to produce energy from Fat.

Your body produces ketones from fat and use it as a primary source of energy, Hence you lose lots of body fat.

4) It Helps to Reset Metabolic System :-

There are 3 main metabolic hormones present in our body.

Insulin:- It allows the glucose from blood to enter in cells.

Leptin:– It gives signal from brain to stop eating when you are full.

Ghrelin:- It gives signal to appetite through brain that you are hungry.

If one of these hormones malfunctions then your metabolism crashes and you suffer from obesity. Let’s understand how.

when you eat frequently what happens is that you keep your insulin level high that continuously keeps storing glucose into the cells in the form of fat.

If Your leptin hormone is not efficient then it will not give a signal that you are full stop eating and you keep craving for food.

When your ghrelin is not efficient then you will constantly crave for more sugar and high carbohydrates containing foods which will make you fat.

So when you do fasting, Your body creates more hormonal balance and also improves sensitivity of these hormones. Hence they work more efficiently.

5) Your Brain Health Improves:-

It increases your Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor(BDNF) which is helpful for neuronal repairs and growth of synapses.

It increases your Mitochondria Numbers which helps to increase your ability to focus, Learning new things, Retain information.

It also helps to reduce your anxiety, severe depression and many other mental health problems.

6) Your Heart Health Improves:-

  • It helps to reduce your blood pressure.
  • It reduces your cholesterol level.
  • Helps to reduce chronic inflammation which may lead to stroke or severe heart attack.

7) It Helps to Improve Your Gut Health:-

  • When you are do fasting and not eating anything, Your gut gets a chance to repair it’s gut lining.
  • It helps to kill pathogenic bacteria present in your gut.
  • It helps to decrease inflammation in gut.

Side Effects of Water Fasting:-

  • You can suffer from Orthostatic Hypotension means drop in your blood pressure. When you are sitting or lying and you suddenly stand up then you may feel dizzy. Light headed or sometimes fainting as well.
  • You can lose wrong type of body weight. Like water weight, carbs and also muscle mass.
  • If you don’t break your fast well then you may suffer from a eating disorder .
  • You May have high stomach acids and sleep disturbances.
  • Can have strong body pains in your lower body.
  • You may have Nausea, headaches, Red eyes problems.
  • You can have Fatigue, Dry mouth, Bad breath, Muscle cramps, Back Pain, Hunger, Bloating  etc.

Generally these problems occurs when the healing process of that particular part is going on. It may or may not continue as your fasting progresses.

What You Can Drink?

Ideally you should only drink pure water. But for enhancement of your fasting results there are lots of things you can add.

What you Should Drink:

  • Green tea without sugar.
  • Black tea without sugar
  • Black coffee without sugar or cream.
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon juice.
  • Spices like Ginger, Cinnamon powder, Red pepper(Cayenne) etc.
  • Salts and electrolytes.

What you should Avoid:-

  • Any kind of bone broths.
  • Diet soda
  • Pre Workouts:- As you should avoid heavy workouts during fasting.
  • Bullet coffee:- It is only safe during keto diet because it contains high amount of calories that will break your fast.
  • Energy drinks
  • Anything that contains artificial sweeteners.

I hope you have got a necessary information that you should know before starting a water fasting.

Dry Fasting is more extreme version of fasting where you not allowed to drink even water also.

If you have any queries or feedbacks then please feel free to comment. I would really love to hear from you.

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