Reduce Belly Fat Faster

7 (Proven) Ways to Naturally Reduce Belly Fat Faster

A Big Bloated Belly….

Nowadays almost everyone wants to reduce belly fat faster. Because while some peoples want to wear their favourite old dresses from wardrobe. There are also some peoples who want to have well defined six pack abs.

” Belly fat is also known as Abdominal fat.”

More than 50% of adults have problem of a big bloated belly. The main reason for that is our current lifestyle. We have no time eat healthy foods and to exercise on daily basis.

Having abdominal fat is harmful as it can cause you to suffer from heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes and other diseases linked with it(1).

An abdominal fat isn’t always a pure fat but it may consists of bloating and a lots of water retention. Hence it looks much bigger and swollen.

You can easily find out, Whether you have abdominal obesity or not. By checking your measurements around the waist.

In case of mens it should be less than 102 cm (40 Inches) and 88 cm ( 35 Inches) in case of women.

Also you can check it simply by this method. “Stand straight and look downside”.

In this position if you are not able to see your thighs then you have abdominal obesity.

Now it is the signal for you to change yourself and start a journey from being FAT to FIT.

If you are thinking about spot reduction then it is not possible. Because body first stores fat at abdominal area and then all over the body.

And during fat loss it loses fat from the remote areas first. Then it loses fat from the abdominal area.

So if you want to lose abdominal fat then you have to lose overall body fat.

Here are the 7 amazing tips to naturally lose belly fat faster.

1) Reduce Your Stress Level

Avoid Stress to Reduce belly fat faster

Many peoples have a huge amount of stress level, Whether it be corporate world or social or emotional stress.

There is a direct connection between stress and a hormone which is called as Cortisol.

Whenever you get stressed, Cortisol hormone is released in our body which spikes insulin level. As your insulin level increase, Your body releases more glucose in blood for quick energy.

This glucose increases your blood sugar, Which if not get used then It is stored as a fat.

Cortisol level is usually very high in the morning where our mind stays in sympathetic state. It prepares our body for “Fight or Flight” response during any potential danger.

So to reduce the belly fat faster you need to stay away from everything and everyone which stresses you out.

“Keep calm to reduce your belly fat faster.”

2) Improve your Eating Habits

Avoid junk food to Reduce Belly Fat Faster

We often eat junk foods like Pizza, Burgers. High sugar foods like cookies, ice creams, cakes and Beverages with added sugar. Processed carbohydrates like cereals, cookies, chips, These are the top contributors to your Abdominal Fat.

These foods breaks down easily to release quick energy but you don’t feel fully satiated. After some time of eating, Again you crave for more food. And you end up eating more calories than required.

Instead of that if you eat natural unprocessed single ingredient food like broccoli. For the same amount of calories, You have to eat more portion of broccoli.

Also it requires more energy to digest the food. That means your net calorie intake is less as compared to net calories intake from processed foods. Also you can add Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet which will help to reduce insulin response.

Buy these Best Sellers in Grocery & Gourmet Food online for easy availability of healthy foods when you feel hungry.

Add more green vegetables like spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Squash etc to your diet and remove above listed Junk foods.

You must improve your eating habits to reduce your belly fat faster naturally without taking any artificial fat burners.

3) Do Regular Exercise

Reduce Belly Fat Faster by doing daily strength training.

Exercise will not only help you to reduce abdominal fat. But also it will help you to improve your overall health.

There is a myth in fitness industry that you can achieve spot reduction by doing particular exercises. Actually it not possible to achieve spot reduction(2).

Belly fat reduction is not possible by doing only abdominal exercise. So if you want to reduce belly fat, Then you have to reduce overall body fat percentage.

Weight training and HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) is very effective to reduce overall body fat as well as building muscles.

When you build more muscles, Your Basal Metabolic Rate increases which means you burn more calories when you are resting.

Aerobics exercises where your heart rate does not increase such as Swimming, Walking, Slow cycling is very effective to reduce fat across the body.

As your heart rate increases, Your body use glucose as the energy source unlike when your heart rate is normal. It uses fat as the source of energy.

Exercise helps to reduce blood sugar level, Inflammation. Also it is extremely beneficial to avoid regaining of belly fat after you achieve weight loss.

Buy these home exercise equipments online to start working out for achieving perfectly flat belly.

4) Sleep As a Kid

Sleep like a kid to Reduce Belly Fat Faster

When you fall asleep your body start it’s maintenance work. It helps muscle tissues to grow and repair.

It increases your testosterone level which leads to build muscle mass and reduce fat across the body.

Also it helps to reduces stress hormone called as cortisol which spikes your insulin response.

Body produces maximum Growth Hormones when you are in deep sleep. Which is helpful for building muscles and to lose fat.

When you are sleep deprived, Your body produces more Cortisol. Which leads you to feel more Hungrier. It produces higher levels of hormone called as ghrelin. Which is responsible for more food cravings and less fat burning.(3)

You must take at least 7 hours of healthy sleep at night. If you want to reduce abdominal fat faster.

5) Adjust Daily Macros

Check Nutritional facts to reduce belly fat faster


Proteins are the essential building blocks of our muscles. They are required to carry out the works in our cells such as functioning and regulating bodies tissues and organs.

Proteins require more energy to get digested. Hence it keeps you full for longer time which results in reduction in your daily calorie intake. And also reduces unwanted cravings.(4)

If you want to build muscles along with reducing abdominal fat. Then you must do strength training. And increase your protein intake up to 40% of your daily calorie intake.


Fibers are very useful for efficient digestion.

Soluble fibers gets dissolved in water which helps your body to absorb more nutrients from food.

Insoluble fibers doesn’t get dissolved and remains in fibrous form which helps your stool to pass easily.

Both soluble and insoluble fibers are very important for your gut health.

One should get adequate amount of fiber daily but not more than 70 grams per day. Because in both the cases it can cause constipation.


One should limit carbohydrates in order to lose abdominal fat.

Carbohydrates doesn’t require more energy to get digested. It easily gets converted into glucose. And spikes your insulin level.

Our body prefers glucose as a primary fuel source hence you crave more for high carbohydrates containing foods.

In order to lose belly fat we should limit our carbohydrates intake. So that our body can switch to fat as a fuel source.

6) Say No to Sugar

Avoid Sugar as it causes insulin spike hence you can not lose weight

Anything with added sugar is very bad for your overall health. Eating too many foods with added sugar causes you to gain unwanted weight.

When you eat food with added sugars your liver has too much glucose to work on. Hence it is stored as a fat near the abdominal area and on the liver itself causing Fatty liver.

Sugar in the liquid form is worse, As it directly get mix with the blood. And our brain can’t identify the exact input calories as effectively as in the case of sugar from the solid foods.

This leads you to consume more overall calories. Which eventually stored as a fat around your abdomen.

Try to limit sugar in your diet and especially eliminate beverages with added sugar, fruit juices, Energy/sports drinks, carbonated drinks etc.

If you have a problem of sweet tooth, Then you can always prefer any fruit over sugar. Fruits are beneficial for health as they are full of natural sugar, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers.

Try to eliminate alcohol consumption completely, But still if you want to drink then avoid drinking beer and wine. Instead of that prefer Rum, Vodka and Tequila in moderation as they contain relatively low sugar.

7) Try Doing Intermittent Fasting

Try doing Intermittent fasting for weight loss

This is the most powerful tool available right now for naturally reducing belly fat.

When you start doing intermittent fasting, Your body use stored fat as an energy source. It also helps to increase growth hormone, Which is useful for building muscles and reduce fat.

If you haven’t done intermittent fasting yet, Then I would recommend you to read this article.

There are numerous benefits of intermittent fasting besides belly fat reduction. Such as it lowers insulin level, Reduces food cravings, It induces autophagy which results in longevity, Improved focus and Reduction in inflammation.

It also helps to reduce the bloating and it helps to reduce water retention.

How to get Rid of Bloating?

How to get rid of Bloating

Bloating is nothing but an air or gas which gets accumulate in our gut. This makes it feel very tight and swollen.

The best way to avoid bloating is by acupressure therapy. You can easily massage the points on your belly area for 3 minutes.

These points are located at 4 fingers above and inline to your belly button, And 4 fingers down and inline to your belly button.

Massage gently by keeping a finger at these points and rotating clockwise and anticlockwise for 3 minutes.

Also you can drink ginger tea and peppermint tea as both are very effective for reducing bloating.

How to get Rid of Water Retention?

Try to minimize your sodium intake because sodium in salt is responsible for water retention of body.

Add more potassium densed foods to your diet. Which helps to get rid of sodium and leads to reduction in water weight.

Try to limit your carbohydrate intake. As it spikes your insulin level. Insulin is responsible for retaining more sodium by body. Which leads you to store more water weight.

You can easily reduce belly fat by doing some key changes in your lifestyle.

And move your journey from a big bloated belly towards a fit belly. It will give you a high self esteem and self confidence.

Note:- For your Kind Information, “I may get small commission if you buy anything through links in this post.”

If you have any suggestions or queries then feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you.

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