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OMAD Diet: Is it [Worth] doing? A Complete (Step-by-Step Guide)

What it OMAD | How to Do Safely | How to Break | With Keto Diet | what to Eat | Precautions | Benefits | Side Effects |

What is OMAD?

OMAD stands for “One Meal A Day”. It is just another form of intermittent fasting, But it is more intense than conventional 16:8 intermittent fasting.

“It is not a diet where you eat specifically but a fasting pattern.”

In this, You have to do fasting for a whole day and then eat all your calories in only one meal.

Now you are Probably thinking about how much time you need to do fasting. So It will be either 22:2 or 23:1.

Where you have to do fasting for 22 to 23 hours and eat your meal in remaining time span.

How To Do OMAD Safely?

Whenever you start to learn new skill, You do it slowly and steadily…Right??

OMAD is also like a skill where you need to learn it gradually.

If you are completely new to the world of fasting. I will recommend you to read this intermittent fasting guide

Once you have enough experience of doing intermittent fasting for good time period. Then only you should start doing OMAD because it is the extreme form of intermittent fasting

OMAD can be done as Water Fasting or Dry fasting to get maximum benefits of it.

How To Break Your OMAD Fasting?

Taking all the calories in one meal is quite difficult for lots of peoples. Also you will require lot of time to finish your huge meal at one time.

Your hormonal sensitivity becomes very high when you don’t eat any food for longer time period.

Hence if you break your fast with a huge meal then your insulin level will spike and it will cause you to store more sugar as fat in your cells.

Though you didn’t find any difference of this in initial few days but later on you will start to gain weight instead of loosing it.

There are lots of people who are eating all their calories from one huge meal and also getting desired results.

Hence you should decide which type of eating you are comfortable with i.e. one huge meal or two split meals.

How to Split your Huge Meal?

I will advice you that instead of eating a huge meal, It is beneficial for you to split your huge meal into two smaller meals as given below.

1) 25% of your huge meal to break your fast.
2) 75% Remaining meal.

The benefit of breaking your fast with small 1st meal is that, Your insulin level will spike but not as in case of huge meal.

Then as it starts to settle down you become less sensitive towards insulin. Hence you can eat your second huge meal without having a huge spike in Insulin level.

To stabilize the insulin level, Apple cider Vinegar is very beneficial. It reduces insulin spike by 40% when consumed half an hour before your meal.

Always break your fast with a food which does not have high carbohydrates and high fats at the same time.

Either it should have high proteins with moderate amount of Fats or high proteins with moderate amount of carbohydrates.

You can buy these Best Sellers in Grocery & Gourmet Food online to choose best food while breaking your fast.

Because as I said above when your insulin will spike your cells start to store blood glucose as Fat.

OMAD With Keto Diet:-

Keto diet is a dieting pattern where you need to take 75% of your energy from Healthy fats, 25% energy from Proteins and only 5% energy from carbohydrates.

In Keto diet, There is no time restriction of eating. You can eat your foods throughout the day.

In Keto diet, Your body is in ketosis where it uses stored fats for energy and hence you will have quick fat loss.

Following a keto diet as a lifestyle becomes very difficult for many peoples, Hence they give up on that and when they start to eat normally. They regain all the weight back.

Many peoples often think about doing One Meal A Day fasting with Ketogenic diet. Keeping in mind the benefits that they will get from both will be great.

So if you want to combine both of them, You should have complete information about Ketogenic diet.

Because if you don’t follow it correctly. You may suffer from unwanted problems like long term obesity, Constipation, Damaged Metabolism etc.

Benefits of Keto with OMAD:-

1) You will get great results, Not in just weight loss but also in overall health.

2) When you eat more fats, It will keep you full for longer time which helps to cut your cravings.

3) As you are restricting carbohydrates your blood sugar will come down.

4) It keeps your insulin level low which helps you to lose more weight.

Side effects of Keto with OMAD:-

1) If you do not eat your required macros such as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and only focus on Eating fats. It will cause problems like constipation, Muscle loss etc.

2) It can make you nutrients deficient if you don’t eat proper nutrients dense foods. It causes severe problems like Hair fall, Terrible feeling, Chronic fatigue etc.

3) It will cause you to be in caloric deficit. Because you will not be able to eat a huge meal which contains high fats. Because when you eat fats it makes you feel full early.

4) It will severely slow down your metabolism. if you try to extend your fast and break it in the last half an hour of the day.

What You Should Eat During OMAD?

As you mostly have only 2 meals, You must eat nutrients dense foods to fulfill your nutritional reserves.

1) For vitamin A:- You can eat boiled egg yolks, fishes, COD liver pills etc.

2) For Vitamin B:- Nutritional Yeast, Green leafy vegetables, eggs, Meat (Liver) etc.

3) For Vitamin C:- Red Bell pepper, Oranges, Kiwi, Lemon, Grapefruit etc.

4) For Vitamin D :- You will get this from Sun Rays and fishes like salmon, Sardines, Herring,  COD liver pills etc.

5) For Vitamin E :- Green Vegetables like spinach and broccoli, Nuts, Seeds etc.

6) For Vitamin K1:- Greens like Spinach, Broccoli, kale, Collard greens, Turnip greens, Brussels sprouts etc.

7) For Vitamin K2:- Egg yolks, liver, cheeses, Meats etc.

8) For High fiber vegetables:- Kale, Peppers, Spinach, Broccoli, Cucumbers and Squash like Spaghetti, Zucchini etc

9) For High Healthy Fats:- Butter, Coconut, Cheese, Avocados, Nuts, Seeds etc.

10) For High Proteins:- Beef, Chicken, Eggs, fishes like Salmon, Sardines etc.

11) For Healthy Carbohydrates:-Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, Squash like Acorn, Butternut etc.

12) Healthy Low Glycemic Fruits:-  Berries such as Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Granny Smith apples, Grapefruit etc.

Also you can buy these Best Sellers in Grocery & Gourmet Food online to fulfill your nutritional reserves..

You can prepare your meal from above listed foods items which will be more nutrient dense. And It will help you to do OMAD for longer time period without any unwanted side effects.

Precautions while Doing OMAD:-

1) If you are on any medications then consult with your doctor before doing this.

2) If you have a history of eating disorders then you should seek your doctor’s opinion first.

3) In case of Womans, If you have problems related to abnormal monthly cycle. Then please seek your doctor’s opinion first because it puts lots of stress on your body.

4) Eat nutrients dense foods and not calories dense foods.

5) Before combining Keto with OMAD, Take proper knowledge of both. As it can be dangerous for your metabolism and overall health.

6) You should take proper electrolytes, minerals and vitamins while fasting.

7) If you are outside then keep your meal along with you. Because you may end up breaking your fast with unhealthy food.

Benefits of OMAD:-

It has tons of benefits to offer if you do it correctly such as

1) Saves Time and Money:-

OMAD saves more Money

When you eat only once a day, You avoid all the junk foods that you eat daily which will save you lots of money. Also you need to cook only once a day which saves your time.

2) Improves Hormonal Sensitivity:-

OMAD helps for Hormonal Improvement

As you don’t eat and give rest to your body. It turns it’s focus towards healing and repairing your system. Hence your hormonal sensitivity improves.

3) Burns More Body Fat :-

OMAD helps to fat loss

When you extend your fasting period, You allow your body to burn fats as a energy source for longer time period hence it helps you to burn more body fat.

4) Increases Energy Level:-

In OMAD you feel Energetic

Normally, Whenever you eat a meal. Every time your body needs lots of energy to metabolize that food. That is the reason why you feel sluggish after a meal. But instead of that when you only eat one meal then the energy required to metabolize that food is saved. Hence you feel more energetic.

5) Natural Portion Control:-

Automatically portion control when doing OMAD fasting

When you are given a task of eating a whole day’s calories in one meal. Then 8 out of 10 times you will not be able to do that. Unless you eat junk foods which are very calorie dense. Hence it naturally helps you for portion control.

6) Vital Organs Health Improves:-

Liver Health improves

when fasting It helps to reverse the effect of fatty liver as it removes stored fats from your liver.

Fasting gives your kidneys a break so that it can heal and repair itself.

Fasting increases your healthy cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. Also it reduces inflammation which helps to improve heart health.

7) Massive Autophagy:-

It takes almost 14 hours to start autophagy naturally hence when you extend your fasting beyond 16 hours. It induces massive autophagy process as compared to conventional 16:8 Intermittent fasting.

8) Enjoy Eating:-

You enjoy food more when breaking your fast after 22 hours.

You will enjoy your food more and you will get a feeling of binge eating which is very satisfying. It will keep you more satiated, And will encourage you to do OMAD for long run.

9) It Increases Growth Hormones which helps you to build more muscles mass and fat loss.

10) It increases cognitive function which helps you to increase focus and to learn more also improves memory.

Side Effects of OMAD:-

1) Hunger and Cravings:-

You may feel strong Hunger

When you are fasting, Your body is under stress as there is no fuel for energy. Until it switches to ketones as a fuel source.

This is the reason why you feel Hunger and cravings all day long. But once you get adapted to it, You will not feel hungry at all.

2) Slows down Metabolism:-

It may slow down your Metabolism.

Protein Kinase RNA-activated also known as PKR which is present in our Immune System. It’s function is to find and kill viruses in our body.

So when you break your fast with a huge meal, PKR gets activated and sees it as a potential threat. And fights with our metabolism and shuts it down. Which results into weight gain in long term.

3) Less Protein Absorption:-

Protein absorption is reduced because of single meal.

When you eat only one meal a day, Your daily protein requirements are not get fulfilled. Because your body is not able to absorb large amount of proteins from a single meal.

4) Headaches:-

You may feel have strong headches

Headaches are mainly because your body is trying to adapt with ketones as a new energy source. It also might be due to Dehydration. It is always temporary and goes away as time passes.

5) Bloating:-

It can cause Bloating

When you eat a huge meal, You will get bloated because your stomach gets under pressure suddenly. And also due to carbohydrates that you eat which stores some water weight.

6) Sleeplessness:-

OMAD can cause sleeplessness

If you eat a huge meal and straight away go to your bed. Then probably you will suffer from sleep disturbances. Because your body is under tremendous stress to digest the food.

To avoid that try to split your huge meal in two meals. And finish your meal well before when you go to bed.

7) Cold:-

Sometimes you may feel cold as your body temperature will be lowered.

You might suffer from cold when your body is in the process of breaking your stored fats for energy. This is usually happens in Extended water fast.


For your Kind Information, “I may get small commission if you buy anything through links in this post.”

This article is written purely from my personal experience of doing OMAD Fasting and The research i have done on this topic.

I hope i have covered all the information one should know before doing One Meal A Day fasting. If you have any suggestions or Queries then please feel free to comment.

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