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10 Common Intermittent Fasting Mistakes Every Beginner should Avoid (Science based)

In this post, We will discuss about some of the common intermittent fasting mistakes that every beginner do.

And those who are doing intermittent fasting Or other types of fasting from considerable time. Are also doing some mistakes whether knowingly or Unknowingly.

Fasting simply means not consuming any calories for the certain time frame.

Fasting has been performed from the ancient times for various reasons. Whether it be religious or unavailability of food for days.

Nowadays intermittent fasting also known as 16:8 fasting is becoming the most powerful tool out there for weight loss.

Other fasting types such as OMAD fasting, Dry fasting, Prolonged water fasting are also extensively done because of health benefits they offer.

Beside of weight loss there are lots of other benefits of intermittent fasting to name a few of them.

Such as it helps to reduce blood sugar, Improves heart health by reducing triglycerides and cholesterol etc.

By knowing the benefits of fasting, Everyone just rushes to start doing fasting without doing proper study of it.

If you want to start doing intermittent fasting I will recommend you to read this article.

Lots of peoples start doing intermittent fasting. But after few days they feel lots of side effects such as Sluggishness, To much Hunger, Moodiness, Weight gain etc.

So if you are also experiencing the same problems. Then there might be a possibility that you are doing some common intermittent fasting mistakes.

Here are 10 common intermittent fasting mistakes that you are probably doing.

1) Doing it Too Fast

Doing fasting too fast is most common intermittent fasting mistake

This is one of the most common intermittent fasting mistakes that every beginner does initially.

Conventionally you eat 3 to 4 times a day that means you are feeding your body all day long.

So when you straight away start eating only one meal or two meals that to in small time window. Then your body is not ready for that.

It may result into strong hunger, Headaches, feeling of very low energy. Because your body is not yet adapted with this lifestyle.

And because of strong hunger you end up eating almost anything i.e high carbohydrate foods, Sugar loaded low quality junk foods.

Body need to be fat adapted before trying longer fasts. So that it will burn internal fat as fuel in the absence of external energy.

So you must start with smaller window i.e. 12:12 and then keep on increasing it as you get comfortable with it.

By doing this way you are giving your body sufficient time to get adapted with fat burning.

2) Lack of Patience

Being too Impatient for seeing results after starting intermittent fasting.

After doing fasting for a week, you immedietly want to see massive result in weight loss.

And if you don’t lose desired weight, Then you  become very impatient and want to try everything rapidly.

And then you eventually stop doing intermittent fasting because you don’t see it working for you.

Tell me one thing have you gained all the weight overnight??

So why you want to get rid of it quickly. You followed wrong lifestyle for longer time to put that weight on your body

So you need to give it time to go away as well. Follow good eating habits and start exercising along with intermittent fasting and you will start to see results.

3) Not Eating Enough Calories

Restricting way too much calories is common intermittent fasting mistake

This happens because of lack of patience. You just assume that you need to be in caloric deficit to lose weight.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop eating and reduce calorie consumption drastically.

When you consume less calories for longer time, Your stomach shrinks and your basal metabolic rate also slows down.

Anything less than 1000 calories for women. And less than 1200 calories for men can cause body to get in severe starvation mode.

Many of you may have experienced that even after consuming less calories. You do not lose weight but instead you gain weight.

This may be the sign that your metabolism is plateaued to your new calorie intake.

So the bottom line is that you should eat enough calories so that your body doesn’t think of starvation. And will not save everything that you eat.

4) Eating More Calories than Required

Eating More calories bacause of fasting

Even though it is not important to count calories but at the end of the day.

Weight loss will depend on calories in Vs calories out.

You need to stay in caloric deficit to start losing weight. Calculate your daily maintenance calories first.

Depending on that decide how much weight you want to lose per week.

Then depending on that decide the caloric deficit required for the same.

You need to maintain safe caloric deficit like up to 500 calories per day to lose 1 lbs weight a week.

Try to burn some calories through exercise so that your metabolism will speed up. So it will work more efficiently and you will be able to lose more weight.

5) Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water is common intermittent fasting  mistake

During fasting, The process called as Cell Apoptosis is going on in your body.

In this process your body promotes cellular death and recycling of cells.

When body kills unwanted cells then it needs medium to excrete these toxic cells out of your system.

Many toxins are accumulated inside the fat. So during fasting when the body burns fat for an energy.

Then so many toxins are released and if you don’t drink enough water. Your body can’t flush them out of the system.

It will make your system more toxic compared to when you are not fasting at all.

So if you are not able to drink plain water only then you can drink sparkling mineral water also.(1)

Drink green tea, black coffee or any unsweetened and unflavored drinks with zero calories.

Eat vegetables which content more water during your eating window to keep your self well hydrated.

Example. Vegetables like Cucumbers, Tomatoes, broccoli, spinach And fruits like watermelons, strawberries, peaches etc.

6) Poor Sleep

Not getting Quality sleep is common intermittent fasting  mistake

In a study of 2016, It is found that taking a quality sleep of 7 to 8 hours at night is very important.(2)

Not just for weight loss but also for diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases in every aspect.

Not taking enough sleep, poor quality sleep, irregular sleeping times, not taking continuous sleep are the combined causes of poor sleep.

When you are sleep deprived, Your body releases stress hormone called as Cortisol.

Cortisol is responsible to spike your insulin response. As your insulin level increases it causes high blood sugar level.(3)

When you have more sugar in blood, Your body does not use stored fat for energy.

To lose weight you have to have negligible insulin response. So that your body can switch to burning fat as a fuel source.

You can add apple cider vinegar in diet, As it reduces the insulin spike by 40% when consumed before high carbs meal.

Also taking quality sleep helps to relieve other stress of your body. Such as emotional stress, physical stress that occur from exercise.(4)

7) Unknowingly Breaking Fast

Unknowingly breaking fasting is the most common intermittent fasting  mistake

Many peoples doesn’t know what is allowed to drink while fasting and what can break the fast.

They add creamers, artificial sweeteners to their coffee and tea thinking that it will not break the fast.

Anything which has calories and sweetness causes insulin response that means you are no longer in fasted zone.

Don’t mix this up with ketogenic diet. In Keto diet people drink bulletproof coffee and they still lose lots of body weight.

This is because in keto diet it is not necessary to do fasting. You just need to keep carbohydrates intake very low and increase fat intake significantly.

Your body remains in ketosis as you are only consuming fats and not the carbohydrates. And hence it keeps burning fat for energy.

Also so many peoples drink diet soda, Bone broths, Pre Workouts like BCAA, Post workout protein shakes. Energy drinks or beverages with added artificial sweeteners.

All of these will kick you out of fasting zone as they all spike your insulin response.

Also zero carbs creamers, Butter, MCT oil, Coconut oil all these things you should avoid during fasting.

Though these things doesn’t spike your insulin response but if you keep consuming all these through out the day.

Then your body will meet the calorie requirements from these sources and will stop burning body fat.

So if you are thinking about drinking them while fasting. Then you should think twice as it will not solve the purpose of doing fasting.

You should only drink pure water, Green tea and Black coffee without tea or creamers.

8) Not Taking Vital Minerals and Nutrients

Being nutrients deficient is common intermittent fasting  mistake

Minerals are very critical while you are fasting. And keep on drinking gallons of water through out the day.

If you don’t take enough minerals. You will end up flushing out all the minerals present in your body with urine.

Minerals like Salts, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus along with the trace Minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine etc. These are essential to carry out important functions in our body.(5)

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And if you have minerals deficiency. Then you may feel problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, muscle crampings, weakness etc.

So try including these minerals and nutrients in your daily life. As it don’t have any calories and it will not break your fast.

9) Not Eating Enough Protein

not eating enough protein fasting skills

Proteins are very essential to build and maintain muscle mass of your body.

If you don’t eat adequate proteins during your eating window while maintaining caloric deficit. You may start to lose your muscles.

A study done 2010, It is found that eating 35% of your daily calories from proteins. Help you for maintaining muscle mass as compared to when you consume only 15% of calories from proteins. (6)

A study done in 2016, It is found that when you are doing strength training and HIIT while in caloric deficit. (7)

The one who consumed 0.8 to 1 gm of protein per pound of body weight. Found to have good lean muscle mass gaining and maintenance.

As compared to one who consumed only 0.5 gms of protein per pound of body weight.

Also a study done in 2014, It is found that as you get leaner and don’t have enough fat on your body to use as energy.(8)

Your protein intake should be more up to 2.2 grams per pound of body weight. If you are following calorie restricted diet.

Also it is very important that not eat too much of proteins as they also spike your insulin response.

And It takes more time to get digested. So your insulin level will take more time to settle down which may cause you to gain weight.

10) Eating Too Much Carbohydrates

eating too many carbs fasting skills

Nowadays every food we consume has lot of carbohydrates. Mostly fast foods with refined carbs which get easily digested. And doesn’t have any minerals content to offer.

We feel hungry when our body demands for nutrients. And then we eat some junk food or sugary foods.

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But that doesn’t meet the requirement of nutrients by body. And we again start to feel hungry and we once again eat low quality foods and this cycle goes on.

This is the reason we often tend to over eat and consume more calories through out the day. This is the main reason that we can not reduce belly fat faster.

There are many health problems like obesity and Type-2 diabetes associated with consumption of refined carbohydrates.(9)

Besides that carbohydrates are easily get converted into glucose. And even a small amount of carbs can cause an insulin to spike.

You can’t lose weight unless and until your insulin level settle down. And when you reduce carbohydrates intake.

Your body can easily switch to fat burning mode for energy from glucose burning mode for energy.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid consuming carbs completely. Your body needs healthy fibers which are present in carbohydrates.

So try to consume carbs from whole foods such as brown rice, Oats, Nuts, Seeds.

And green vegetables like carrots, beets, broccoli which offers other micronutrients along with fibers.

Avoid consuming carbs from sugary beverages, Junk foods, bread, pasta, cereal, juices etc.


Though intermittent fasting is becoming very popular these days. There are few things that you must do correctly to avoid any unforeseen side effects.

So to get maximum benefits out of intermittent fasting. You should avoid above listed common intermittent fasting mistakes.

When I first started intermittent fasting, I personally have done lots of common fasting mistakes.

Are you still doing or have you done any of them while fasting. Please let me know in comments. I would love to hear from you.

Note:- For your Kind Information, “I may get small commission if you buy anything through links in this post.”

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