How to Speed Up Metabolism

How to Speed Up [Broken] Metabolism? 7 ways that are(Backed by science)

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Broken or Slow Metabolism…

This is the first thing you think, When you are not been able to lose any weight despite of doing every kind of diet…Right?

Also you must have came across the situation, Where a person who eats lot more food than you is still lean. And you despite of eating small meals is getting fatter.

This may be the sign that your metabolism is slowed down and has adapted to the new set point.

What is Metabolism?

“Chemical reactions which are carried out by organisms to stay alive” is called as Metabolism.

The main purpose of metabolism is to convert food that we eat into energy and to build blocks for proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids and carbohydrates.

The process also involves elimination of nitrogen wastes such as ammonia, Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid which are byproducts of protein metabolism from system through urine.

Now there are two types of metabolic reactions such as

1) Catabolic Metabolism (Catabolism)
2) Anabolic Metabolism (Anabolism)

What is Catabolic Metabolism?

It is referred as negative or destructive metabolism where it breaks down larger molecules into smaller molecules.

It breaks down molecules like Proteins, Nucleic Acids, lipids and Polysaccharides into molecules like Amino acids, Nucleotides, Fatty acids and monosaccharides respectively.

Main disadvantage is that it breaks your muscle mass to obtain proteins from it and convert it into amino acids.

Then amino acids are used as a substrate to carry out gluconeogenesis process to produce glucose.

Gluconeogenesis is the process carried in humans and animals to maintain the blood glucose levels to avoid hypoglycemia.

There are various hormones present in our system which stimulates catabolism such as cortisol, glycogen, adrenaline, cytokines, orexin and melatonin.

What is Anabolic Metabolism?

It is referred as positive or constructive metabolism where it builds large molecules from small units.

It is responsible for building organs and tissues, It helps growth of cells and increase in it’s body size, By synthesizing complex molecules.

Hence the main advantage of anabolic metabolism is that it helps to build muscle mass.

The energy required for anabolism process is derived from the energy which is released during oxidation process in catabolic metabolism.

The hormones which stimulates anabolic metabolism are anabolic steroids (includes testosterone) and insulin.

What is set point of body weight?

Set point of body weight is the point where body predetermines a preferred weight and want to maintain that weight either by boosting or slowing down your metabolism.

Our body always want to stay in homeostasis where it regulates different hormones.

So that you will neither gain too much weight nor lose too much weight.

Now you must be wondering if body stays in homeostasis then why I am getting fatter?

The reason behind that is hormonal imbalance in your body.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells and it’s function is to give signal to your brain when you are full.

It is said that after doing Yo-Yo diet and other low calorie diets for longer time. When you quit and start regular eating patterns.

Then you gain all the weight back in short time period. The main reason for that is leptin resistance.

In leptin resistance, your fat cells produce more leptin but it is not get herd by brain.

Brain doesn’t get signal that you are full,Hence you feel hungry and starving for food and you tend to overeat every time you eat.(1)

And over the period of time, You continue to gain weight more than you actually lose.(2)

When you go through YO-YO diets then your brain sees it as starvation.

And starts to save energy for future use in case of food scarcity.

Then body shuts down other non essential energy consuming functions.

That’s why you feel more sleepy and also sometimes you feel cold as your body lowers it’s temperature.

Incase of women, You may suffer from hair fall and uncertainty of menstrual cycles. Also in some cases it gets difficult to conceive as body requires most energy for it.

So until now you must have got some idea about metabolism and how it work.

Now, Here are 7 ways to speed up your metabolism that are backed by science.

1) Always Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important.

One who drinks water instead of carbonated sugary drinks tends to lose more weight.(3)

When you drink 0.5 liters of water, It speeds your resting metabolism temporarily up to 30%.(4)(5)

Also if you drink cold water half an hour before meal then it is found to burn calories to elevate your body temperature.(6)

And it helps to consume less calories as it gives you feeling of fullness.(7)

If it is difficult for you to drink water then try to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning then a glass of water before your every meal.

Try to drink vegetables soup before meal also you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits that content more water.

This is how you can keep yourself well hydrated and also speed up your metabolism.

2) Strength Training

How to Speed Up Metabolism

As we age in later 30, It is found that we lose almost 0.5 to 1 pound of muscle mass every year.(8)

Muscle mass is very important to increase your metabolism.(9)

Strength training / weight Lifting is the best way to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

It is found that one pound of lean muscles burns 14 calories a day, As compared to one pound of fat that burns only 2-3 calories a day.

When you have more lean muscle mass then your Basal Metabolic Rate also increases.

Higher the basal metabolic rate, More the calories you will burn even when you are resting.(10)

You can buy these strength training equipments online to start sweating it out for boosting your metabolism.

3) Eat more Proteins

proteins have high TEF which results in lower calorie intake.

Proteins are essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.(11)

And as your lean muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate also increases.

Proteins take longer time to get digested as compared to carbohydrates and fats.

Hence it keeps you full for longer time and avoid unwanted cravings and hunger.(12)

When you don’t get unwanted cravings then you consume almost 300 to 400 calories less in a day.(13)

Also TEF (Thermic Effect of Food) is more for proteins.(14)

TEF is caused when extra calories are required by body to digest and absorb nutrients from the meal.

TEF of proteins15-30 %
TEF of Carbs 5-10 %
TEF of Fats 0-3 %

So the amount of calories you consume, Are subtracted by the calories required to digest that food.

Means your net calorie intake will be less than what you actually consumed….isn’t it great?

Now you can buy best quality protein online to include it in your diet immediately.

4) Try to Move More

moving more will burn additional calories to speed up your metabolism.

Sitting all day long at work place can be very bad for you in long term.(15)

Sitting too much has been called as the new SMOKING. As it burns very few calories and will lead to weight gain in long term.(16)

Try to stand up and move around after every hour if you can. Try to do simple stretching exercises.(17)

Or you can set yourself for standing desk as it will prevent sitting for long time in same posture.(18)

Try taking stairs instead of elevators and lifts. Make use of public transportation if you can.

Try to park your vehicle at a distance from your destination as it will help you to take a walk.

This small daily incidental movements will help you to burn more calories easily with minimal efforts.

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5) Take Good Quality Sleep

Quality sleep will reduce your stress level and will help to speed up your metabolism.

If you seriously want to boost your metabolism and lose weight then you have to get yourself a good quality sleep.

Also a good sleep at night is very beneficial for your overall health perspective.(19)

If you are sleep deprived then there is major risk of obesity, Because it has negative effect on your metabolism.(20)(21)

Sleep deprivation releases hormone called Cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Cortisol induces insulin response which causes high blood sugar and insulin resistance in some cases which may lead to type-2 diabetes.(22)

Apple cider vinegar helps to lower insulin spike up to 40 % when consumed half an hour before meal.

Lack of sleep may result in hormonal imbalance of leptin and ghrelin.

Studies show that, Ghrelin which is hunger boosting hormone increases and leptin which  is fullness hormone decreases.(23)

So lack of sleep can mess your weight loss goal by affecting your metabolism.

6) Enhance Your Thyroid

Thyroid Enhancement will regulate and speed up your metabolism

The thyroid’s main function in system is to regulate the metabolism.(24)

Thyroid hormones are essential for regulation of metabolism of every cell in our body.(25)

Thyroid gland produce thyroid hormones like triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) by taking iodine from foods.

Pituitary gland controls and regulate thyroid gland.

Pituitary gland produces thyroid stimulating hormones(TSH) which stimulates thyroid gland when thyroid hormone level drops too low.

Hypothalamus gland regulates Pituitary gland. It is a part of brain which signals pituitary gland to release TSH when needed.

So If you want to speed up your metabolism you have to take care of your thyroid.

Try to eat thyroid superfoods like roasted seaweed (kelp, nori, wakame) these are naturally rich in iodine.

And salted nuts like brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts. These are excellent sources of selenium, which are essential for healthy function of thyroid.

Fresh eggs contains good amount of both iodine and selenium.

To improve your hypothalamus function, eat foods that are rich in high Omega-3.

Eat foods such as fish, walnuts, flax seeds, and green leafy vegetables. Along with vitamin-C and vitamin-B rich fruits and vegetables.

7) Drink Green Tea and Coffee

Green tea will help to speed up your metabolism.

Several studies shown that green tea and coffee can boost your metabolism up to 11%.(26)

Caffeine in coffee promotes fat burning, Same as in green tea. It convert fat cells into fatty acids and promotes fat burning.(27)(28)

Also coffee and green tea have very few calories and very helpful to boost metabolism and avoid hunger and cravings if you are doing fasting.(29)

However consuming too much caffeine also produces stress hormone called cortisol. Which may results in weight gain instead of weight loss. So you should not over drink green tea and coffee.

Hence effectiveness of green tea on metabolism and weight management varies for person to person.(30)

So it may work for few peoples but doesnt help in case of others.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

There are several foods other than green tea and coffee that helps to boost metabolism.

Now you can buy these metabolism boosting Whole Foods online from amazon.

Such as ginger, spices like cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, garlic, mustard seeds, onion powder all of these helps to speed up your metabolism.(31)

Asparagus, berries, olive oil and coconut water are also helpful for metabolism.

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Speeding up your metabolism will take some time depending on how you have followed several diets for long time periods.

But still you can speed up your metabolism by doing these small changes in your lifestyle.

And you can also break your weight loss plateaue and you will be able lose and maintain your body weight.

So, how many things you have tried to speed up your metabolism? Tell me in comments, I would love to hear from you.  

Note:- For your Kind Information, “I may get small commission if you buy anything through links in this post.”

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