Are You Dedicated Towards Losing Your Stubborn Weight ??

If you are then i welcome you to FASTING SKILLS. Here you will get all the information that you should know. To improve your overall health and fitness.

About the Author

Author fastingskills

My name is Raju Patil. I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now i am working full time as a Sr. Engineer in ASB International PVT. LTD. India .

I always wanted to be fit and healthy from my young age. And i always use to encourage my friends too about being healthy. I have done lots of experiments on myself to learn more details about fasting.

I first started doing intermittent fasting when i was 22 years of old. Initially i was same like as you are right now. When i really wanted to do it but didn’t have enough knowledge about it.

But as i continued doing fasting, I kept learning new things which i think many new fasters don’t know initially.

Lock-Down Effect:-

Recently due to COVID-19 OUTBREAK in India. I have decided to learn new things during lock down. Hence i learned about blogging. Then i thought i can also start writing a blog in a field of which i have practical knowledge.

My Mission

My mission is to write the important information about fasting so that anyone can start doing fasting easily.

I hope that i can help lots of peoples who want to learn about fasting and health improvement by sharing my knowledge.

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